Viktoria Chatzigiannaki

Viktoria Chatzigiannaki

Media & Communication


Personal statement

My name is Viktoria Chatzigiannaki and I am a 3rd year Media & Communication student at Birmingham City University. Over the last three years I’ve taken on roles such as producer, director, screenwriter, camera operator and video editor which have helped me develop my skills in filmmaking. My ultimate goal is to become a filmmaker.

I have experience working as a runner for BBC’s soap opera ‘Doctors’. I have also produced and directed two short dramas (one of which I also wrote and acted in), directed and produced a short documentary and also directed a music video. These projects helped me further my knowledge and discover my passion.

I am currently looking for runner jobs in film and TV to get my foot in the industry. I have a passion for high-value dramas such as Big Little Lies, Hunters and The Boys, however I’m open to any film/TV job opportunity that can help me develop my skills and industry connections. Over the past year, I have been writing film reviews on Letterboxd with the purpose of getting a deeper understanding of films. I also love discovering and learning from directors with a unique style such as Wes Anderson and Denis Villeneuve. This hobbie of mine has broadened my horizons to the endless possibilities of this truly fascinating form of art.