Vicky Thompson

Vicky Thompson



Personal statement

Music is my passion, and writing is my skill, so music journalism is my life. I do make a considerable amount of effort to include all different types of journalism in my work if the opportunity is there and presented as something tangible to write and deliver. This also includes Other types of journalism such art, performance, entertainment, social journalism and news. However, Music journalism is my main passion and my main area of research and in terms of experience, I have written two seperate review based articles published for Music Republic Magazine. I am currently working on a variation of different interviews with musicians, including an interview-feature article with an artist soon to be published with BABMAG, which shows my most successful professional context as a journalist yet. I can use my Music journalism portfolio as a way to showcase my journalistic abilities to employers upon graduating. I also have some experience in Music PR during the course of studying in optional PR modules throughout out my time at University. I have studied English alongside journalism as double course, so I also have a keen interest for literature and long form. I aspire to write vivacious and truthful articles in many different journalistic forms that offer insight and entertainment, as well as thoughts and opinions that differ throughout all specific areas of the Music industry and more.