Valentina Londono

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Media & Communication graduate. The music and events industries are my area of professional interest, however, I also have a great interest in multimedia platforms and photography. Always eager to expand my skillset, I consider myself a motivated individual when it comes to realising professional tasks.

Through my time at university undertaking assignments in relation to music and events, I have been able to build up a curriculum that shows my knowledge in these fields. I have learned about team working, time management as well as Adobe programming, essential in these professional areas.

I also have relevant external experience in events organisation and music management. By working, as well as being an intern and volunteer at different organisations and companies, I have gained the networking skills that are essential to become a succesful in these industries. Photography is another area of interest that I have professional experience on, especially on live and music events.

I am the creator of Unchained Hardcore, an online community and physical zine that aims to promote the diversity and creativity within the UK hardcore punk music scene. Find Unchained Hardcore’s social media pages, as well as a glance of my music photography examples, on the right hand side of this page.

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