Tyler Ebanks

Tyler Ebanks

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Hey, I'm Tyler. Currently a third year Media and Communications student, I'm set to graduate in summer 2020. I specialise in TV, with a dream of directing, but enjoy plying my trade in other areas such as radio and its various branches - notably podcasting.

Media is my passion and creating is my goal, and I've begun to assemble to tools and experience to do exactly that. I've dabbled in many roles in many projects having edited and done camera work on corporate videos as well as directed and produced various short films and documentaries. These often entailed lending my hand in other areas beyond what was on paper too. The latter two roles are where my abilities most notably lie, with directing at the forefront. As an aspiring director, the art of visuals and storytelling is where my interest is most prominent. I love to see the threads of a story and how they all tie together to create the final product. Any form of filmmaking perks my ears up, but documentary-making has, for a long time, been the avenue I want to continue to delve into. I like to look at the veracity of a story and discover the best way to tell it while, vitally, making the end product as visually stunning as can be.

Amongst all these projects I've continued to learn about the brilliance and necessity of the teamwork required in the industry. Having struck up a great dynamic with my teams along the way, I often find myself in positions where I'm able to be malleable and constructively work on an idea to maximise its potentially, bouncing ideas between myself and fellow team members.

Beyond the visual work I've done, I've found myself co-producing and presenting podcasts along the way - both for personal productions and for other companies. This has provided me with a great insight into more areas of media and also an insight into my own interests, with podcasting being something I will certainly continue with and look to do more so in the future.

Ultimately, I want to be a successful filmmaker. I aim to get my foot in the door and continue to be the hardworking and passionate individual I am to make sure that happens.

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