Tristan Hall

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi I'm Tristan. 

Born and raised in Sussex, I now live in the Midlands where I work and study as well as taking a keen interest in sport. 

I am very passionate about the media and have held an interest in all forms from a young age. I am currently studying for a degree in BA Media and Communications at Birmingham City University.

I have worked for several major Media brands including Capital and Heart as well as SKY and National Geographic.

I pride myself on my ability to lead a diverse range of individuals, working towards a shared vision. As well as being motivated by myself, the team atmosphere also drives me to work hard and achieve goals as a collective.

I am a confident individual and thrive in high pressure situations, having the ability to keep a level head and accomplish the best possible outcome in any scenario.

​For my final project, I am creating a brand new UK based commercial 'Hit music' station. By reacting to Ofcom deregulation, I will capitalise on the huge pool of talent that has now been released. The station will run on a commercial format however shows will have more of an emphasis on content, similar to BBC Radio 1, but playing similar music to that of Capital or Kiss.

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