Tonia Owusu

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, I'm Tonia! I am currently completing my degree in Media and Communications at BCU. I have realised my focus and interest is within Radio ever since taking it as a module in my second year of university. I have learned skills that will be beneficial in the media industry such as team working, working independently, and learning editing software like Adobe Audition and Myriad.

I am interested in building my own brand as a person and becoming a personality because I want to start interviewing celebrities and music artists. That is my passion and I want to be part of a media brand that does that. My dissertation is examining how a celebrity has constructed a business image. I have already interviewed artists based in London which you can have a listen to some interviews of on my Mixcloud.

Once I have graduated, my aim is to work in the radio industry, find work in presenting as well as also focusing on building my own brand: me being a young woman with a microphone ready to get the scoop on the latest from all your favourite talents. This is something I am greatly interested in and I would love to expand my knowledge further whilst having fun at the same time.

For my production project, I am putting together an open Mic event working alongside Markita by giving artists a chance to showcase their talent and interact with other aspiring event specialists and media professionals. We will also be raising money for charity for Young Minds supporting young people with mental health issues.

Download my CV to discover what experience I have.