Thomas Evans

Thomas Evans

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Hi, I am Tom Evans, currently studying Media and Communications at Birmingham City University. Throughout my three years at university, my studies have revolved around two main things: music and graphic design. I have taken the skills and knowledge I have learnt in my time with BCU and applied them into the professional world, through placements and other ventures. As well as being a university student, I am also a musician within the Birmingham music scene. After graduation I am looking to pursue a job in the music industry where I can use my graphic design skills alongside furthering my career as a musician.

Throughout my three years at university, I have studied several different modules revolving around the music industry, allowing me to learn about the theory and production side of things. I have also experienced different aspects of the industry, including PR, events, and communication through modules such as DIY Music Cultures, Music Industries Innovation, Popular Music Narratives and Music Industries Promotional Practices. Throughout these music-based modules I have consistently been able to incorporate my passion for graphic design, often designing the logo and promotional material for each project.

Outside of university I am a musician currently performing in the Birmingham music scene. I have played around the West Midlands area including venues such as The Sunflower Lounge and O2 Academy, working with promotions such as Birmingham Promoters and The Future Sound Project. My three years at university has helped me to understand the music industry and the ways in which to navigate through different aspects of it. As a music fan, I am also an avid gig goer, often supporting local bands within the Birmingham scene, as well as the occasional touring act.