Theresa Kuhn

Media & Communication

Personal statement

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination."

Henry David Thoreau

Hi there, my name is Theresa and my love of media stems from the creativity that can be adventured through the lens of a camera and in the expression of an animation. As the quote above refers to, the world around me offers an unlimited amount of inspiration that I pour into each and every project I work on. I would describe myself as a driven and determined individual, in that I make sure my work is completed on time and to the best of my ability. I surround myself in a world of colour, pattern and nature, that inspires my ideas and process of creation.

My skills lie within both managerial and practical sides of media. As Executive producer of Scratch Chat in 2018, I was able to practice my skills of organisation and team leading that have made me a more confident individual. I also have a broad range of technical skills from camera operating, editing, animating, live broadcasting and photography, that I like to practice outside of my university assignments.

As I come towards the end of my university degree I have come to realise my main interests lie in creative commercial and corporate video, experimenting with the use of camera, editing and animation to deliver a new perspective on something. I hope to build my skills in this area so it can become a full time career, either freelance or as part of an organisation.

Feel free to check out my work and get in contact for any video or animation work you might need!