Suzanna Littler

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi! I’m Suzanna and I’m a final year student at Birmingham City University. I am finishing my degree in Media and Communications (broad course) and will graduate in July 2019. I aspire to go into the marketing world with a particular focus on brand marketing. The degree modules that have most influenced this decision are: Music Promotion and PR, Communication Management, PR Techniques, New Media and Creative Enterprise.

I have learnt so much from these modules, in particular how to conduct primary and secondary market research. I have used these skills extensively in my final project, where I am developing a website for students who are interested in travel and doing a year abroad. The whole research aspect of it has made me go the extra mile when thinking creatively how people market particular items to their audience.

Over the course of my degree, audiences have remained a huge interest of mine - the way they perceive things, why they act in a certain way and what is most likely to influence them. My dissertation focuses on Boomtown Fair festival and how Facebook has encouraged online communities to be created within the audience during the build-up to the festival. This has shown me how crucial social media is in marketing a brand today. As being able to build a trusted relationship with your audiences is key to growing a business.

I am a keen learner who is always interested in learning more. A variety of university assignments, work experience and volunteering has made me the person I am today. I am someone who is always up for a challenge and I have skills and confidence in public speaking. I am a diligent individual who works well in a team and can communicate effectively with everyone to get the best possible outcome and result for the given task.

I am eager to get broader experience in the marketing world before deciding on a particular field, therefore I am open to working in a variety of areas.

I have also attached a website with all my work. This is updated regularly and can be found here: