Sumanpreet Kaur

Sumanpreet Kaur

Media Production


Personal statement

Hi there, my name is Sumanpreet Kaur but I go by the name Rea. I am a final year media production student who has a passion for photography and videography. But also I have a passion for the music industry as most of my career and time at BCU has been about interviewing and talking with different musicians and bands, and also working with various promotional companies at events/gigs. I was fortunate enough to be the Station Manager at Scratch TV for two years in a row which allowed me to gain more contacts within the music industry and set up more interviews. I have also have set up an online multi-media production company with a fellow student called Intrinsic Productions which has allowed me to think about more productions I could do for the company and make some more content in these past few years.

My work has been a variety of different positions including directing, producing, camera operator and presenting. This shows that I can be very diverse and can handle different positions either behind the camera and in front. My passion is to direct on a drama series based program when working in the TV industry however I want to work as an A&R representative in the music industry. I also wanted to work as a videographer and photographer as I have got 5 years experience and is my passion.

mobile: 07482227032