Sophie Beasley

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, I'm Sophie, a (nearly) graduate from BA Media and Communication studies at BCU. I specialise in photography and graphic design, and hope, once I graduate to go on and work in PR as a graphic designer.
For the last 5 years I have worked as a photographer on a TFP basis experimenting in different fields of photography including fashion, product, portraiture, still life and landscape. I consider myself as specialist photographer and graphic designer in still life and landscape imagery. A lot of my graphic design work has come from uni work, however it doesn't stop there; I have received multiple commissions to create graphics for use on mobile phone cases over the last year and would consider this as something to expand on in the future to create a business.
In my second year at university I was given some fantastic opportunities to work with various fashion models and the Fashion Brand "Fox Soup" where I shot a selection their clothing items. I also got to create mock up ideas for different music artists' album covers and tour promo's. This is where my love for graphic design really started, and I began to converge all my skills to create completely different ideas.
My final year creative project was working as part of a team of people to develop a company called 'Twenty6 PR' where I worked as a graphic designer. I worked with various students and other clients to create logos, leaflets, websites and also photograph products for businesses. The clients we worked with included:
The Lovers: TV Show (Final Year Media Project)
TF. Poetry: Instagram(@tf.poetry)
Second City FM: Radio Station (Final Year Media Project)
My Contact Details are:
Mobile: 07951303489
Instagram (Professional Portfolio): @Sophlouisemedia