Sophia Photiou

Sophia Photiou

Media & Communication


Personal statement

After studying Media & Communications at Birmingham City University (BA Hons) for three years, I believe I am now eager and ready to put my skills and experience that I have developed into place. I am a motivated, educated, skill-full and authentic media creative, who is excited to head out into the working world that is the Media & Music Industry.

Throughout the three years of my degree, I have undertaken over 3 work experiences / internships at many music based firms, which has overall benefitted my knowledge and understanding of the industry. Including the three years of studying media production and theory, has hugely added to my skillset and education about media communications, meeting deadlines, analysing module briefs and fulling great assignments; which overall shows that I am persistent, dedicated and work well under pressure.

The overall Media & Communications degree has most importantly taught me to expand on my skillset, to always be open to learn new things, to stay motivated and to strive for success.