Simrandeep Bhangoo

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi I'm Simran! I am a Media and Communications student, currently in my 3rd year at Birmingham City University. I have been involved in various creative opportunities within the following sectors; Television, Film, Journalism, Events etc.

My portfolio involves elements of Photography where I have experimented in editorial photography as part of my assignments. I have gained many skills and knowledge through the art of photography which have been transferable when working in the other sectors of the media industry.

My passion for the media has increased through the many experiences I have been involved in, for example I have been involved in the production of 3 short films which were premiered at the Mockingbird Cinema in Birmingham. I have also participated as a volunteer with the BBC as well as published a few articles on the Eastside journalism website. However my main area of interest is in the Film and Television industry as I have found a creative passion to work as part a crew to create something imaginative for audiences to become captivated.

I am currently working on my production project in creating a mini web-series based on a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet with surprise twists. This production will feature a diverse cast and crew to represent the creative city of Birmingham.

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