Shannon Davies

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, my name is Shannon Davies. I am a Media and Communication student in my final year of study at Birmingham City University. I have a passion for radio, more specifically I enjoy creating advertisements and documentaries.

During my time at university, I have undertaken various modules such as Visual Design, Photography, Journalism, Radio Documentaries, Music Programming, Live Radio, Commercial Production, and Radio Station. I have developed a wide range of skills and have participated in multiple projects. Having studied a variety of radio modules, I am proficient in using Adobe Audition to record and edit audio and Myriad which I have used regularly during live radio shows. A key improvement for me which is evident in my work is having more confidence when recording audio.

I am currently writing my dissertation which focuses on how reality TV 'celebrities' portray themselves on the social media platform, Instagram.

For my final production project, I have created a website called "Brum Supermums". The website will be home to a range of speech packages primarily aimed at mums living in Birmingham. The speech packages will focus on subjects relevant to the target audience. Examples of these are postnatal depression, co-parenting and breastfeeding.

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