Shaiden Williams

Shaiden Williams

Media & Communication

Personal statement

After studying my Media and Communications degree specialising in Television, the knowledge/experience i have gained has enabled me to feel confident and ready to showcase everything i have learnt in a role i feel passionate about and that compliments my ever-growing skill set.Throughout my time studying i have thrown myself into all opportunities that have came my way and kept my arms wide open for new experiences/knowledge in all areas.

I have been apart of many work experience programmes including placements at Channel 4 , Big Centre Television, completed floor runners bootcamp and have been a part of scratch radio the universities personal radio broadcast.These opportunities have massively developed my prior knowledge on the industry which i will discuss further in my personal online portfolio.

In addition to this my degree itself has given me vast amounts of practical production experience and the workshops allowing me to learn how to use the industry standard equipment has given me a lot of invaluable knowledge i would not know otherwise.Much like the theory side ,meeting deadlines, researching, completing assignments and analysing briefs ,this has contributed significantly to developing my transferable skills such as persistence, multitasking and working under pressure.

Conclusively my degree and the experience i have exposed myself to thus far has really opened my eyes to the many different opportunities and roles there are in the TV industry and allowed me to mould my skill set/experience to the pathway i have chosen to take next.