Sean Russell

Sean Russell

Media Production


Personal statement

Sean Russell -

I am a third year student at Birmingham City University studying Media Production. I am due to graduate July 2020* and then begin employment.
Over the last three years at BCU I have grown a passion for media and my skills in the field has improved majorly.

As my studies at BCU progressed I developed a keen interest in the sound & sonic aspect of media production, this is the area I would like to specialise in.
Besides sound based roles I am looking for production runner work so I can get a better overall understanding of the media world and the tasks involved.

In the past three years I have taken on many different roles during our projects such as production manager, directing, camera operator and of course sound supervisor. This has gave me a good understanding of the media field but I would be happy to try new and different roles to give myself even broader horizon in the media working world.