Samuel Heavens

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi! I’m Samuel and after spending 3 years studying Media and Communication at Birmingham City University, I’ve found a great interest in how audiences interact and consume media. Moreover, the ways in which media impacts the society and culture that surrounds out. My main media specialty is in television production, however I’ve also dabbled in radio, PR, advertising and audio production.

A confident, hardworking individual who is independently motivated to ensure that a task is completed to the highest standard. I have a range of hard skills in using professional software to develop and create a multitude of media products. Working in teams has made me empathetic to others whilst improving my communication skills. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain experience completing the Cambridge regional BFI academy and the National BFI academy which gave me experience working with like-minded people but also guidance from industry professionals. Aside from this, I gained work experience with BBC Midlands Today helping them to cover stories and shadowing production. Whilst studying abroad, I had a new-found curiosity and ambition to join the advertising industry working in media.

Looking forward, I hope to join an advertising agency and build upon my fascination in the field. In 2020 I’m planning on doing an MBA with a Marketing Emphasis which I hope will further my career prospects. With this said, having experience within television has given me vital skills which are transferable to any career path. Additionally, I know have a cohesive knowledge of the ways in which media works in a sociocultural sense as well as how to make it to a professional standard.

Contact Number: 07950 571872