Sam Hennerley

Sam Hennerley

PR & Media

Personal statement

I am 22 years old and a project manager for a social enterprise named Subtle Speaks. I apply my communication skills, PR knowledge and creative flair to the enterprise, ensuring we deliver impactful campaigns and new opportunities to assist creative entrance.

Subtle Speaks is a registered (CIC) community interest company that is on a mission to add value through to creative entrance and community support. Existing to create a diverse, community-driven experience where no one is judged but endorsed on their passions. I am currently the project manager of two Speaks projects; A.C.ES. and E.P.C; see below for more info.

E.P.C (Educate, Practice, Create) bi-monthly networking events providing access to knowledge, creative workshops and existing relationships within the creative sectors. A friendly environment to learn new skills and get your foot in the door.

The theme of our first event was 'Camera Control' (visual media, photography, videography and editing in post-production). The event was hosted in the creative space,'The Melting Pot' in Digbeth - with three seasoned creatives delivering guests talks and workshops. Guests included; Amy Demidow (Photographer), Callum Barnes (Videographer & Bab Mag founder) and Luke Sparrowhawk (P110 founder & Videographer). I created engaging promotional content, planned activities/workshops and assisted with internal communications.

A successful sold-out event with positive feedback and signs of impact. E.P.C 001 set the groundwork of future networking events to come. Our second E.P.C event,'Produce and Play - an introduction to DJ'ing and Production' is currently in fruition.