Richard Flowers

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hello. My name is Richard Flowers I am a Media and Communications student at Birmingham City University, due to graduate in July 2019. I specialize in the music industry and I have skills in music production and design, as well as filming and editing. I am aspiring to work and develop my skills in sonic/audio branding. With the skills that I have I hope to make a strong contribution in the research or/and composition of audio logos and sound branding of organizations.

As a music industry student, I came to university to try and find a specific area of the industry that I was passionate about and after taking the modules each year, I found elements from each class very valuable. I was especially drawn to some of the concepts of visual design and how brands use visuals to create a brand identity very interesting.

After completing a visual design, film and editing work placement and using elements of it throughout my time at university, I have also developed a strong passion and interest in the use of music and sound to form a brand identity in connection with the visual aspects. I am looking forward to entering the industry world and stretching my boundaries as a creative media professional.

For my final year project, I am working alone as a composer to create a sonic brand for a local logistics company called Agility. I will be creating an audio logo that represents the core values of Agility. I will also be creating corporate soundtracks featuring their new audio ident with the music.