Reece Joseph Rooney

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I am a budding professional audio technician soon to be a postgraduate of Birmingham City University with varying skills in both audio and video production. My creativity and ingenuity is often invaluable to my work, but my levelheadedness and willingness to learn keeps me in check. My eagerness to discuss ideas often allows ideas to be challenged and evolved as well.

During my AS Levels I partook in Media Studies and found it to be truly fascinating. However, after I enrolled onto a Sub-Diploma course in Solihull College, media had become something much more than a fascination. It held my interest even more than before, my understanding of the media industry greatly increased and I was making excellent progress through the course and assignments. However, it took me a little while to notice, but my grade average had increased from secondary school and I was truly looking forward to lessons more than I ever had in the past.

I moved up to the full Diploma course after I passed the sub-diploma and it was even more challenging, but it was also even more engaging. I found it to be so enjoyable that it didn't matter how challenging it got for me. The course allowed me to absorb and practice a range of skills across numerous forms of media. This included: video production, radio production, music and soundtrack production and researching along with learning the structure and theories of the media industry. I learned a plethora of skills and knowledge over the three-year course, but unlike how I felt in the past, I didn't feel overwhelmed, or that I couldn't acheive what I wanted. I knew I could.

Now, having moved onto Birmingham City University in the School of Media and soon to be moving on from it as well, I have only grown more and more and so has my understanding and my professionalism. There is still much more to learn, but I understand that I have already learned so much and that when I step out into the media industry and meet new clients or media veterans, it won't just e an opportunity to work. It will be an opportunity to learn.