Priyanka Rajput

Priyanka Rajput

Media & Communication


Personal statement

I am an aspiring media professional with a passion for documentaries, short-form video content and human-centric stories. When I started my media journey four years ago, I sincerely believed that I would graduate and go on to work in print media; a few internships and a digital revolution later I realised, in the age of New Media the range of possibilities were endless- so why settle for one title? Since then I've strived to enhance my media knowledge by undertaking different modules and taking on different internship roles in various media spheres.

During my undergraduate studies, I've had the privilege of travelling around the world and changing my university twice! This has helped me develop a nuanced understanding of how Media works differently in different countries and also allowed me to create content for a wide range of audience. I have completed my school and been a resident of Dubai since 2002 after which I moved to Bangalore to further pursue my studies. During my time at Christ University, I had the opportunity to study Media, Psychology and Literature as core disciplines integrated into one course and this has equipped me with multidisciplinary knowledge that has helped me become a well-researched and well-informed journalist. While my time in the UK, at Birmingham City University, helped me explore areas of Media Production that I was not previously familiar with. During my time in Birmingham, I have learnt to operate camera equipment, compile and edit video content using Adobe software; and improved my photography skills.

My experiences from India and the UK combined with the work experience I've had whilst interning at two publications in Dubai- print and digital- has equipped me with the necessary skills to thrive in today's multi-platform media industry. Upon graduation, I hope to continue expanding my knowledge through internships and freelance projects and start my own Digital Media Agency one day.

At present, I am working on my final-year major project which is a documentary based on Ex-pats in Dubai. It aims at understanding the Third Culture Child conundrum and highlights the experiences and challenges of being a gulf-kid. Through it, I also hope to understand what Home means to me and where really, is it based.