Paula Kowalska

Paula Kowalska

Media & Communication


Personal statement

​I am currently finishing up the last year of my Media and Communications course at BCU, specialising in Music Industries. I work predominantly within the live music sector, hoping to branch out into the festival industry in the near future. Whilst at university, I have undertaken a number of modules such as music industries promotional practices, live projects, music industries innovation, and events and exhibitions to name a few. These have helped me develop my skills in the career relevant areas and have allowed me to adapt them towards the work that I have undertaken up to this point as they are all interlinked to the career path I would like to take.

Live music has always been a big part of who I am and therefore I'm an avid gig goer. I've had the opportunity to work for a number of promotion companies whilst living in Birmingham for university, such as Birmingham Promoters and Sonic Gun, as well as working as a Junior Promoter for CloseUp Promotions, based in London, after completing work experience with them in first year. It's meant that I have had the chance to create my own live music shows and run them from start to finish, creating contacts and forming connections that will no doubt be valuable after graduation. I have also had the pleasure of working with a local small festival, 110 Above Festival, which has now turned into a permanent role as well as being an artist liaison during the weekend of the festival. This has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of artists such as Mystery Jets, Swim Deep, Jaws, Marsicans and more.

Lately, I have started to write freelance about music, mostly festivals, for blogs such as One Great Song blog, as well as doing interviews for Birmingham Promoters.

Taking these opportunities on meant that I am now clear on a career path that I would like to take, focusing on the live music sector, hopefully leading on to a senior role within a major festival where I could grow my skills further and use the skills that I have learnt at my time in university to create great events for all music lovers to enjoy.

You can see my previous work and upcoming projects on my personal website: