Nathan Murray

Media & Communication

Personal statement

My name is Nathan Murray. I am a third year New Media specialist at Birmingham City University. I enjoy working on graphic design and social media, with some radio skills in the background. I am currently volunteering with Switch Radio, where I do a weekly show every Friday. I see myself as a positive person with a creative mindset.

I have previously designed advertisements for numerous companies such as my local theatre back home, where I was lucky to design an advert for a performance at Carlisle Cathedral. Last year in 2018 I worked for a company called Bliss Brother Ltd, a manufacturing company based in Digbeth who design lighting for large companies and celebrities. I was honoured to be in control of their social media, design work and Shopify. I got a positive review and was able to increase their profits. Having been brought up in the Isle of Man right until I turned 18, it was hard to get work in the design sector. Living in Birmingham has expanded my knowledge of media and given me so many opportunities to do the work I enjoy.

I would describe myself as kind, down to earth and hardworking character. I gain pleasure through putting effort into any task given to me while enjoying it at the same time. I like to be creative in my visual work, and incorporate my own design skills into advertisements on posters, leaflets, and even performance tickets. Being a student at Birmingham City University has allowed me to improve my graphic design skills on platforms like Photoshop and InDesign. I previously had a lack of experience using Adobe software, and now feel comfortable to be creative to a high standard.

Graduation is approaching fast, and I look forward to trying to make a name for myself in the media industry and working with other creatives. I enjoy working individually and as a group, and I am confident enough to communicate with team members. Having experience of talking on the radio, it has allowed me to be more confident in myself and with other people. My preference would be to work in Graphic Design and Social media when I graduate as I thoroughly enjoy it, and because of the modules that I studied in this sector throughout my three years at University. In the future, I hope to broaden my design and social media skills further through freelance allowing me to work for clients and do what I do enjoy. I am always open to new opportunities and am looking forward to kickstarting my career

Contact Number: 07902 14986