Natarika Jantawong

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I am currently studying Media and Communications and since starting my degree, I have found my love for media, especially presenting. Before I came to university, I had no experience with any thing media related but as I have always been interested in media, particularly television, I thought I would take a leap of faith and pursue a degree in it! Since coming to university, I have gained a variety of skills such as presenting, working in live TV and radio studios as well as visual design. I enjoy learning new things and I am a fast learner which is why I have many skills in different areas of media.

My degree has allowed me to explore my skills as a presenter as I have been able to present in a variety of things such as Scratch TV, In The Mix, Scratch Radio and BCU Elections. Although these have all been student projects, it has helped me understand presenting in a professional context and allowed me to familiarise myself with live studios.

As a hobby, I create my own YouTube videos which specialise in beauty and lifestyle. I have a passion for makeup so being able to create my own videos allows me to showcase my passion. I believe presenting and creating my own videos are linked as I must be confident on camera and be able to showcase my personality in the best way. For my final project, I am creating more YouTube videos but in a more professional context as this is something I am hoping to pursue as a career.