Naadia Ahmed

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Welcome to my profile! My name is Naadia Ahmed currently in my third year due to graduate 2019. Here you will find some of my work produced aspiring to be a media professional, within my fields of Media TV production and Photography with my CV and Instagram profile.

I have always had a passion to watch Television shows – however, it fascinated me into thinking TV shows are initially produced. Having come to Walsall my journey to fall in love with Media began. Transitioning to University from Sixth Form furthered my passion for Media. Having undertaken various modules regarding production discovering a love for (camera operator) utilising the Canon C100, I found my strength in production opposing to theoretical aspects of TV. In terms of a sound operator (using the boom pole), I am able to record and predict and criticise when good quality sound is present. These skills have enhanced my professionalism immense suite these roles striving within camera operating/sound operating TV is my passion creating captivating shows with peers.

To further pursue my love for photography, having no knowledge of how to utilise a camera I am now able to use Canon 700D which been game changer in the photography world. My vision has grown to strive to become a part-time freelance photographer from capturing various images in fields such as - interior architecture, portraiture and above all food photography making food come alive awakening the senses.

My passion has been enhanced by the experiences and skill set learned throughout University to work as part of a team as well, as a strong individual currently producing a food and interior food portfolio for my final year project. Hope you enjoy my work presented reflecting my ambitions/goals showcasing my abilities/passion for Media.