Mollie McCormack

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I’m Mollie McCormack, currently a student at Birmingham City University in my final year and am ready to venture out into the world of media. Media is central to shaping the views of society and it has the sheer power to attract an audience through various marketing techniques. Whilst at university I have been given the opportunity to study intriguing modules which include: enterprise, visual design, magazine production and events which have fuelled in my passion for digital marketing. I have additionally had the chance to gain first-hand experience inside the media industry at placements which range from Heat magazine and John Brown Media to The Guardian. I am a keen and enthusiastic worker, who has developed an inventive mentality to expand my outlook on the significance of the media in everyday life.

Studying the comprehensive media course at university has empowered me to develop a sense of engagement with media products across several platforms; ranging from radio, to print and social media. Through having this experience, I was able to not only understand the measure of work which goes into media production - yet additionally find out about myself and what aspect I enjoy most!

I particularly enjoyed the enterprise module where I designed an innovative new app called: Citygirl and the several visual design projects I have completed. Citygirl is an application focusing on young female students who are preparing to go to university in Birmingham. The app aims to offer exclusive discounts and information with a subscription service to gain a regular audience. I enjoyed this module because this project unleashed my creative side and it was the first time where I was able to understand the various considerations it took before launching a product. Within my three years at BCU, I have consistently picked modules relating to visual design or magazine production, which has inspired the final year production project. For my production project, I am designing a magazine aimed at both women and men between the ages of 18-22, covering both fashion and travel. Editing content on Adobe sites such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator has turned into a leisure activity for me because I love the way you can manipulate an image.

I have my heart set on eventually working within digital marketing, although, at present, I am open to working in other areas to gain experience and become versatile. I aim to do this by securing placements within the different segments throughout the industry, as I thrive off challenges and acquiring new skills. University has allowed me to develop further writing techniques ranging from academic, to shorthand within a journalist practice. These skills have aided the writing of my dissertation, which focuses on the changing representation of masculinity across several magazines. I decided to investigate the gender debate through the changing construction of masculinity within magazines such as FHM, Men’s Health and GQ. Despite the decline in magazine readership, it remains a highly debatable topic throughout our contemporary society. Magazines spanning fifteen years back are dissected through research methods such as discourse analysis and semiotics to show how the industry is constantly evolving.

Through the vast experience I have already gained, I have grown in confidence and am able to work in any environment. As a creative thinker, I am always analysing content around us and I am eager to learn more.

I have both gained and developed key relevant skills through my time at university and my past employment. It is now certainly time for me to take the next step and to kickstart my media career. I would like to reiterate that I am a versatile individual who pays close attention to detail and is always eager to learn new things! I have attached a portfolio of my work from my time at university and I intend to regularly update this platform. I am also present across different social media platforms, which can be accessed through my blog.