Mohammed Jakrul Alam

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Welcome to my profile! I go by the name of Jakrul Alam, presently in my final year and expecting to graduate in July 2019. Here you will find some of the work I have produced during my time at university as a media professional in the potential field of TV production and Radio.

My fascination for media began early in my college years where I had the prospect of constructing various projects in music videos and film trailers. The creativity behind media production aspired me to pursue a career in this field where I have sustained a desire for TV/Radio production. I have had the opportunity to develop my knowledge upon various aspects in the TV field where my first year involved taking up modules such as TV Location (MED4114) and TV Studio (MED4115). These following modules have made me comprehend that there are different sectors for those pursuing a specialist career in TV. My second year revolved around pursuing TV Documentary (MED5084) and TV Drama (MED5085). In Consequence, whilst TV has been an immense aspiration in my life, Radio has simultaneously grasped my interests. Radio entices those in ways that TV is unable to do, such as appealing to the ears rather than the eye. Therefore by taking up modules such as Radio Production (MED4113) Radio Documentaries (MED5083) and Radio Station (MED6111) has made me appreciate how intriguing and ever-growing the radio industry is.

Subsequently, in order to attain a career in TV/Radio, obtaining skills such as utilising cameras Canon C100, Canon XF100 and Sony PXW-Z150 from TV Production and developing my understanding on Myriad and Adobe Audition has been an advantage in carrying me closer to my career. My vision has enhanced striving to become a Radio producer/presenter or TV director as I believe the consequent modules above has shaped my career.

Hope you enjoy the work presented reflecting my ambitions as well as exhibiting my passion for media.