Millie Graves

Media & Communication

Personal statement

After the challenges I have faced with education having dyslexia and ADHD, I have found I can turn this to my advantage within the media, providing a different creative outlook. Combined with my passion for sport, geography and creating content, I can apply myself to a wide range of tasks across multiple platforms. My drive is towards the marketing industry as the skills and lessons I have learnt throughout my years of study have proven my strengths are within this sector.
I have over the years worked in a variety of sections the industry offers, experiencing the process different projects go through right till the end, understanding what is expected and required from each role along the way. This has developed my understand and skills across the industry that I can apply to any job put in front of me.
From this, it has guided me to my main interest of advertising and radio. Key skills that link from this, that leave me the opportunity to explore more of the industry is journalism, marketing and social media. I’m an open-minded person willing to apply myself and try anything that comes my way. My journey so far has taught me to never shut the door on any options and to put myself forward no matter how big or small the project may be.
My confident attitude towards my career has helped me build close relationships with those I have worked with and hope to work with in the future.