Memoona Khalil

Memoona Khalil

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Hello! I am Memoona Khalil. I am a Media and Communications student at Birmingham City University due to graduate in July this year.
Since I am a broad course student, I have worked in numerous different modules to expand my skills and understanding of different media industries. By taking different modules I realized that I really enjoy working as a cinematographer. I have developed my skills by taking many projects that involved me being a camera-man and I also got the chance to improve my editing skills. After university, my goal is to work as a cinematographer in the television industry.
Recently I have worked in a radio station called Radio XL and i worked for the freelance company called Paradise.

For my final year project, I am making a documentary which is about how accessible is the education in Pakistan.

Moreover, I also enjoy being a Photographer. I got the opportunity to enhance my skills by learning and collaborating with other photographers and models.

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