Melani Tooms

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I am soon to graduate from Birmingham City University with a Bachelors degree in Media and Communications, specialising in the Music Industry. I am an aspiring director and videographer. I have taken part in different projects that are not limited to the music industry, including promotional clips and a short TV pilot. My career path is focused on directing and producing music videos. I am also interested in creating various cinematic content, as well as promotional and travel videos. My short term goals are to participate in various projects for established videographers and learn by observing the industry specialists at work. In my projects I have managed several roles such as director, camera operator and lighting operator.

Over the years I have acquired skills for brilliant customer service and communications, keeping in mind I am always looking to expand my skills. As an ambitious person I work well as part of a group, as well as individually. I can come up with new ideas rather quickly and as a creative person I enjoy putting my ideas and imagination to a test. I am a perfectionist, spending hours on little details that create my visual style. Networking is an essential skill that I encourage in my day-to-day life, as a freelancer I am dependent on contacts.

Following my passion, my final year dissertation and project will be based on music videos.