Megan Rose Waddilove

Megan Rose Waddilove

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I'm currently a third year 'Media and Communications' student, studying the broadcourse at Birmingham City University.

Throughout my three years at university i have been able to study a variety of aspects of the media such as 'Celebrity Culture Studiest, Professional and Academic Development, Events and Exhibition Management, Public Relations, Creating Compelling Content and Multimedia Journalism.

Whilst studying all of these modules to obtain my final degree, i was certain through my second year i wanted to focus on the public relations side of the media therefore chose modules relevant.

When being presented with the option to generate a project for my last module (major project) i was able to create 'ContrastPR' which works with brands to expand and grow their businesses in all different sectors. This meant that we would have clients approach us with different experiences (brand new-already established) needing different things, such as campaign ideas, building/changing their brand's identity, creating crisis management plans to fit specific briefs, planning photoshoots / reaching out to influencers to building their portfolios with events. The whole process has been, and still continues to be rewarding, i am constantly learning and building on experiences aswell as creating contacts across different regions.

If you would like to find out more, please visit my website: