Maya Ruba Asare

Media & Communication

Personal statement

My time at Birmingham City University has developed my personal and professional attitudes towards the digital landscape and the wider influence the media industry possesses.
I have developed and nurtured a unique style of film photography whilst establishing a professional network of other creatives in London through experience within the fashion photography business.
Exploring magazine production through the course modules ignited my desire to pursue a career in Digital Marketing with print, online and social media channels.
My approach to the ever expanding digital landscape is simple; stay self motivated and strive to work as hard as possible to gain genuine insight into the industry.

“Maya’s hands-on, common sense based attitude will take her a long way in the working environment. When her computer in the office broke she was straight under the desk checking all the wires before calling the I.T department which to me, showed overwhelming initiative. She is witty, professional and efficient - a pleasure to work with and we appreciated her hard work, fresh ideas and infectious personality.” - Named Models