Matthew Sutton

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Matthew Sutton here, happy to welcome whoever has stumbled across my page. As of the present moment I am a third year student studying Media and Communication at BCU, with a specialism in television production. To be more specific, I enjoy working with cameras, be it to shoot dramas, documentaries and studio productions to other avenues such as photography.

I have a strong belief that visuals are key to any project. Photographs can be very profound, evoking several emotions based on composition, subject, lighting, framing, and many other factors. These play out equally well in film; to this day several discussions can be held on the visuals of films alone, but ultimately they are the records of an individual’s vision shared to the world. As a camera operator this allows me to control what the audience sees, adjusting said components until they’re just right.

I am however not a master of this yet, and am eager to keep gaining experience in this line of work, to slowly but surely perfect my craft. I intend to do this though future projects, be it inside or outside of the university.

If the website looks a little small so far, that’s because it is. Due to current circumstances some really exciting projects have had to be put on hold, but worry not. There are plans to resume production of these projects once it is deemed safe to do so, and there may be some new stuff coming in very soon, so be sure to check back in every now and then.

If you would like to get in contact feel free to email me at the address below.