Mason Wills

Mason Wills

Media & Communication


Personal statement

I believe that my greatest strengths are my passion, enthusiasm and drive for music as a whole and to one day be a part of the industry itself. I find music to be more than a sound, but an expression or message portrayed by someone to help inspire, motivate or to share a story. Music is a key part in people’s everyday life, whether that is listening for entertainment, relaxation or pleasure. I would take great pride working within an industry that helps touch so many people in such a variety of ways. I am a fan of multimedia also and believe all the various forms contribute to people’s lives differently and are all great ways of expression too. Based on this I would love to be a part of the media industry in a creative role like music production.

I am now in my third and final year at Birmingham City University on the Media & Communications course, specialising in Music Industries. This has been such an enlightening time for me, both career wise and as a person, and can confidently say I believe it has furthered me in becoming a better candidate to step into the media industry upon graduating. The music industry modules have opened my eyes to what the music industry entails, it’s competitiveness and, most importantly, how to compete. It has encouraged me to step out and find industry connections, build upon these relationships and transfer relationships into a product or service.

When I am not studying at home or doing work related to my studies I like to listen to music from a wide range of genres. I indulge in music production which I enjoy and will take part in when I am free. Being able to create my own music gives me a sense of expression and helps lift my mood and spirit, I genuinely see it as a form of therapy and a creative outlet. Though I am fairly new to this I have taken the initiative to actually try and be a part of the music industry in some way. I have collaborated with artists on songs and I have started to share some of my work on social media platforms and music sharing outlets. I have set up a YouTube channel with around 135,000 views (as of April 2020) and a website to sell my beats (instrumentals) on. If I'm not producing music, I'm either socializing with friends, listening to music or at the gym.

I did a short placement at BLCKRCD in 2018 which taught me what goes on behind the scenes of the music industry which has provided greatly valuable knowledge for me going forward. A producer there greatly helped me improve my music production skills, which I am hugely grateful for. Another placement I done was at Switch Radio which showed me the ways in which musicians get in contact with stations and gave me some guidance on negotiating in this way. I also was taught a lot about working with audio and sound. In 2019, I did a placement at Birmingham Live (a very reputable news source in Birmingham) where I improved my writing skills to a great degree. I do enjoy music journalism in my spare time too, I have attached some work I did (on a blog) during my work placement at Birmingham Live in 2019.

I would consider myself sociable, a good listener and determined to achieve goals set by me, or others. Due to this I believe I will work well with others to accomplish our goals which we are set. I can work strongly either independently or as a member of a team. I believe in getting the job done to its full potential and putting all of my effort into my work or projects. I am punctual and diligent, which I believe are fundamentals in aiding to jobs competition to the maximum ability. I’m honest, reliable, organized and trustworthy Overall, I see myself as a creative individual that would like to express his creativity through the dominant power of media.

I look forward to working with you and making great things together in the future.

(Some tracks I have collaborated with artists on are in the slideshow.)