Martina Tumwebaze

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, I'm Martina Tumwebaze, but I prefer to go by Martina Gordeen. I'm currently in my final year at university studying Media and Communications. I chose not to specialise in anything specific so that I could become a well-rounded media worker. Through doing a variety of modules that include but are not limited to photography, events and exhibition planning and visual design; I have been able to discover and understand where my passion lays.

Before starting university, I used to create content for YouTube and my blog. Utilising the knowledge I had gained from being a content creator, along with the experience I had learned in my first year at university - I decided to start my own online media platform, The Pink Book.

The Pink Book is an online media platform that aims to bridge the gap between the media industry and aspiring media workers/creatives by making industry related information more accessible. I started off doing events aimed at creating a safe space for creatives in the Midlands and then went on to bring industry professionals to the Midlands to talk about how they started their career.

My platform has been up and running for just under two years, and the growth has been incredible. I was recently given funding by O2 Go ThinkBig which allowed me to put on another event, start a podcast and create an official website.

Most of my work experience lies within the Marketing and PR sector which has provided me with the knowledge required to become a freelance Brand Strategist and Influencer Marketer.

I am an innovative individual that uses various social media platforms and exclusively created content to promote brand messages, build brand awareness, drive online traffic towards brand pages in line with long-term and short-term goals, with each exclusively created graphic designed and tailored to different market segments, I create, maintain and elevate client relationships across various markets.

The knowledge I have gained through my work experience has helped me to run my platform effectively.

By the end of March, I intend to have completed my Social Media and Inbound Marketing certification which will come in handy when I turn my platform into an agency that offers services in a range of things including Marketing and PR.