markita campbell

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Welcome to my profile. I am Markita Campbell and currently studying in my final year at Birmingham City University. I am an aspiring events and media professional ready to explore the exciting media world. My slideshow will showcase some examples of work I have done during my time being an aspiring events specialist and looking at my interests and hobbies. This will look into my professional development from the beginning of my University journey to the near end.

I have had experience with using software like Twine2.0 to create an interactive story-telling game, Myriad to create a live radio show and Adobe audition to edit pre-recorded radio programmes.

I have worked with a few clients during my studies such as Teenage Cancer Trust, Sifa Fireside and Young Minds.

I am currently working on my final year project, which is an open mic event inspiring those on minor platforms to major opportunities by giving the artists a chance to showcase their talent and interact with other aspiring event specialist and media professionals.

During my time at university I have gained various skills and developed previous skills, such as:
Communication skills
Working in a team
Time Management
Problem Solving

Contact information:
Markita Campbell