Maria-Ana Tilbury

Maria-Ana Tilbury



Personal statement

A trainee journalist with ambition and drive, interested in exploring all walks of life around the world…

My name is Maria-Ana Tilbury, I am 20 years old and I’m a third-year student at Birmingham City University studying English and Journalism.

I have a passion for travelling along with a keen interest in photojournalism. When I have completed my degree I plan to go travelling around the world creating and building content with the prime aim of inspiring others. I have an interest in learning about cultures of people all around the world, therefore documenting my travel would be a perfect career path for me.

Having worked in a diverse range of industries as well as exploring different environments; this has provided me with a variety of both analytical and life skills enabling me to plan and produce a clear career path for my future. Although I am aware the media industry has many routes with high levels of competition, I plan to find a niche following an entrepreneurial route as a traveller, photojournalist alongside Independent Travel agency work.

Keen to share my passion with others, using the skills I have acquired through my years at university as well as internships for magazine and media companies, I plan to produce artistic and compelling content aiming to inspire others.

Thus far into my professional development, my portfolio shows a range of written journalistic work as well as visual photography and photojournalism. Within my online platform, I have compiled a variety of different components enabling me to exceed beyond my educational journey.

My primary objective is to build relationships with others from different cultures, backgrounds, and countries, whilst sharing my journey, inspiring others.

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