Maggie Urbaniec

Media & Communication

Personal statement

radio production - music industries - new media

My up to date portfolio and CV are available on

Graduating in July 2019. Studying Media for three years really helped me unlock my passion for it. I'm someone to get involved and get fully sucked into work – I love what I do! So much so, that I'm in the process of applying for further study. In both practical and theoretical terms, radio, music, and new media are fields I'm interested in the most.

So far, I have gained experience in small- to medium-scale radio stations in the UK and central Europe. Currently, alongside my coursework, I'm busy programming the music on Scratch Radio. I have also worked in theatre and events production. You can find more details about my experience and skills in my CV on the left. Full radio shows can be found on my Mixcloud profile - more short-form work is on my Soundcloud .

Final major project

I have a passion for innovative and experimental radio. This might explain why for my final university project, I really wanted to try out something new. no chefs podcast fills a gap in the cooking and audio market simultaneously, by providing simple recipes in an audio format. Recorded in 'real time', they can be followed by listeners step-by-step - so it's ideal for beginners! Episodes will be uploaded on the site, as well as the Soundcloud page.


In my final BA research paper, I have undertaken a study of ironic Eurovision viewing. The main inspiration for it were Gray's (2003;2005) ideas surrounding anti-fandom. The audiences of the ESC are fitting said term perfectly! I'm particularly interested in their identity construction and viewing practices.

Since I love a bit of new media, I have taken the opportunity to customise my portfolio with a tiny bit of code - hope you enjoyed it! I have also helped my friends to make their portfolios look nice ;) #codebasics