Louis Coupe

Music Industries

Personal statement

I came into this course primarily as a musician and singer-songwriter, and my experience on the Music Industries pathway of the Media & Communication course has provided me with a much deeper perspective on my role as a musician within the music industries. Now in my third year, I'm currently completing my dissertation on digital technology in the songwriting and creative processes, a subject that encompasses much of what I do outside of university.

Shortly into my first year, my hobbies in photography and videography found me my first industry job as a behind the scenes content creator for the artist Dan Owen, which saw me creating content for Atlantic Records and The Orchard. This has lead to my current role as a session musician and content creator on tour with Dan, along with directing numerous music videos and promotional photography for other artists such as Deyyess and Just Jack, and events such as Lunar Festival (an example music video you can view above). My professional portfolio can be viewed here: https://www.louiscoupe.com/photo-videography.

Musically, I write with numerous songwriters and producers, predominantly based in London, and wish to further my career in session and songwriting work. An important milestone in my career will be the release of my debut single (due in April) and my debut EP, a project I have produced in conjunction with my final year project - this also serves as my first release under my own name as an artist. I have tried to draw together all of my skills and media interests, and have artistically directed the whole project, from the promotional photography, direction of music videos and online content, along with the song-writing and production.

All music and photography/videography enquiries to: info@louiscoupe.com