Leeford Dean

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, my names Leeford Dean and welcome to my page.

I currently reside in Birmingham, and would consider myself a 'Multimedia Storyteller.' Through many media mediums, I try to evoke emotions and tell stories using my creative flair to all audiences. Whether a breaking news story, conducting a photo-shoot, a music video or a radio package I feel there is always a story to be told and tell it I shall.

I primarily specialise in online journalism, I use my journalistic skills in my other areas of expertise such as radio production, radio presenting, freelance photography and cinematography. I've been fortunate enough to have obtained over a decade of work experience in a community radio station honing my skill in journalism which is my ultimate passion. This work experience lead me to work for the BBC at the age of 17. I've also worked for media companies such as the Royal Television Society and TedTalks where I've attended their events, reported on them and edited audio and visual package content for them to use and distribute online. Journalism is the core of my skills, I use other avenues to enhance my stories to their maximum ability.

I would consider myself an innovative, self-motivated, media proficient hard-working creative who grasps opportunities with both hands and relishes in team working situations with like-minded individuals. I take every chance to learn new skills or try new approaches which push me further as a creative, break boundaries and mould me into a better man every day.

Besides this, in my spare time, I currently present and produce alongside my co-host, a weekly episodic podcast. In addition, I DJ weekly at several nightclubs in Northampton.

If you're interested in viewing some of my work in greater detail you can visit my website to see my portfolio.

For booking enquiries regarding any of my ventures, you can contact me via my email leeford.dean@gmail.com or my phone number which you'll find on my CV.