Lauren Jones

Media & Communication

Personal statement

If I had to explain why I loved TV and Photography, it is because I love visual storytelling that can be perceived differently to different individuals. I love helping others to create content and open their creativity, that they might not necessarily think they have. I do this by having taught workshops and young people on government programmes. I am a Royal Television Society Bursary Recipient, gained Arts Awards and completed a Creative Digital Media Apprenticeship. Showing that I will push myself in different ways to help achieve my dream.

My dream is to become a Project Manager in the TV industry, why?
1. I am quite a nerd when it comes to organisation and paperwork. I love being a part of a process from beginning to end, helping with all the logistics. This is why, for my final project I decided to ideate, create and develop a spoken word Drama.
2. I love to help in the process of creating content that allows escapism for audiences, which is high quality and well thought through and developed.
I am a very organised, motivated, initiative driven individual and I think I am well suited for a Production Manager in the future, after going through the stages of production runner and more.
3. I am very on top of paperwork, making sure paperwork is completed for everything and every stage possible through pre-production, production and post-production. Rarely leaving anything out.

I have strong technical knowledge knowing how to use a variety of DSLR's, Adobe Software and Computers. While having strong knowledge of being on set and in production offices. Furthermore, I have experience working on TV shows like BBC 'Doctors', BBC 'The A Word', Channel 5 'The Gadget Show', BBC 'The Big Question' and more. Having been a freelance videographer and photographer since the age of 15, alongside gaining industry experience. I have taken my freelancing outside of the UK, by working in both New York and Paris.

I have a strong travel bug, and whenever I go on a new adventure I never fail to leave my camera at home. Having traveled and taken photos and video in places in, Africa, America and Europe. I love to try new things while being away in new countries and experience the local culture. My aim in the next few years is to travel Asia and more of America. I would also like to work abroad again at some point in the future as I feel travelling and experiencing new cultures is one of the biggest ways to learn about yourself and your craft.

I look forward to my career in TV and seeing where I will end up in the next few years. It is both a scary and exciting time, as I look forward to the next journey and chapter of my life.

Please refer to my website linked to the right, to see and understand more about me and my work. This is where you will see everything to do with my career in the media, from freelancing to industry work. Along with testimonials and personal experimental photography etc.

Contact Number: 07376073071