Koe-Victor sorie

Koe-Victor sorie

Media Production


Personal statement

Hi there,

My name is Koe-Victor sore and , I am 22 years old and I am currently in my last year at university studying media productions. From this course I have developed my communication skills while working in groups to produce films. Working in a team allows me to use my problem solving, punctual, social and organisational skills. I am someone who is extremely motivated and always up for a challenge and learning new skills. I am creative and I would always have different ideas to bring.

I have learned soo much about the media industry and gained soo much knowledge in terms of creating my own show. being behind the camera and even traveling to important places i have taken a huge leap into the media industry and i can't wait to learn more once i get my independent production crew ready. cant wait!!!!

if you are even more intrigued you can click the link of my website and you tube channel.

Get in touch with me via email; Koevictor1@gmail.com