Kierren Horne

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Allow me to start by linking my personal website -

I'm Kierren. A creatively-driven final year Media and Communications students who, on paper, specialises in Television but has also extended branches into the Radio industry.

On my signposted website - you can find an up to date selection of my work. Including my showreel, a selection of visual productions, my podcasts and information regarding my Graphic Design company. Most of which include several examples of client work.

The concept of producing media has always intrigued me but I never acted upon it until my final year at sixth form. Following that, I worked in retail for 4 years. Dissatisfied with my life choices - I decided to study at BCU to reignite my passion. Since then I've engaged with every feasible opportunity presented to me and built a rather extensive portfolio. Including DOP'ing 11 individual Ted Talks, Co-producing, co-hosting and editing 2 podcasts - one of which was for a large commercial client, I've had a hand in the School Video which was professionally produced by Vermillion Films.

I've also maintained several roles within the University ifrastructure including School Representative, Student Representative, Student Academic Leader, Faculty Mentor, Level-Up Mentor & School Ambassador which I feel has been advantageous in the gaining and development of transferrable skills.

I've directly been involved with the creation of several student projects ranging from Comedy to Documentary. The most recent of which was "Mess" - a dramedy pilot of a fresh faced student from a town with small values. He comes to Univerity only to fall in love with his flatmate - unaware that his roomate is a male in drag. I acted as DOP, working cloesly with my director to form and maintain an impressive visual style.

As previously mentioned, I've also produced content for clients. TEDx being the most recent example. This unfortunately wasn't yet available to be viewed by the public in full at the time of editing my showreel, hence it's minimal presence. Although short snippets are incuded in the tail end. I was also contacted by Birmingham Updates to produce a podcast for them - while 2 episodes of this were recorded, the company unfortunately couldn't sustain the project due to financial restraints.