Kerys Davies



Personal statement

Welcome to my online portfolio where you will find my online portfolio and CV.

I'm currently finishing my final year of University studying Media and Communications with Journalism and I'm hoping to take these skills which I have learnt throughout my degree with me as I venture into the media world looking for a job.

I have completed a range of work experience placements on my course which include working for a county newspaper (Northampton Chronicle and Echo) and working freelance to help develop a business' online presence. These placements helped me to develop those skills which I have learnt throughout my degree.

I am hoping to use all these skills which I have learnt over the duration of my degree when applying and working in the media industry and hopefully get a job within the Journalism or PR sections of the media as these are the areas which have interested me the most throughout my degree.

My online profile provides examples of my work.

Contact details:
email -
phone number - 07522278016