Kellie Sadler


Personal statement

The digital world and the influence that the mass media has on its readers is something that fascinates me and drives my passion for writing. With a range of experience in the media industry from journalism, marketing and social media, the utilisation of these platforms and the impact it can have on society is something I aspire to continue to be part of.

I'm a dedicated individual who enjoys taking on new tasks and stepping out of my comfort zone. With excellent attention to detail, I'm flexible in my writing skills to vary the content I produce to target different audiences by researching their needs.
When creating articles, I enjoy writing soft news and lifestyle articles. My style of writing is youthful and modern, I explore a range of topics with a unique perspective, using a young tone of voice for readers to relate to in our new digital journalism era.

For my final year project, I created a digital lifestyle magazine 'INSYNC-MK' which covers news and events in the Milton Keynes area. You can find a link to the website, as well as my full portfolio and social media accounts to the right of my page.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking additional time to write for my own platforms and freelance work, as well as exploring new places and cultures as I have a strong love to travel.

Contact Details:
Email -
Mobile Number - 07851585490