Katarzyna Pasik

Media & Communication

Personal statement

I'm currently a third year student studying media and communications at Birmingham City University. Even though I am a Journalism student, I have a wide variety of interests and skills that I have developed over my three years of studying. I am a very driven person who is keen to learn new things, and will put every effort into adapting to new environments.

I have developed skills from Photography, Visual Design, Magazine Production, Journalism, PR and Music Promotion, which has developed my creativity and individuality. I love creating visuals and designing pieces of work, from logos all the way through to designing magazines. I have a love for creativity, and I enjoy putting my ideas down on paper and making something exciting that so many can appreciate. I do have a keen passion for writing, and I enjoy writing stories about relatable issues and common interest, but I do love and hope to develop my skills in PR also.

Currently working on my dissertation, I am looking into Post-War Pulp magazines, which enables me to look in depth behind the creativity of pornographic images and texts used; but also links onto my final project of developing and creating a magazine focused on travel and fashion.