Karina Kapina

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Currently studying Media and Communications, with a passion for photography and fashion. As an active student, I have chiselled my teamwork skills and taken on many challenges when joining different programs offered by my university. Being very punctual and friendly has helped in both personal and professional aspects of my life and opened many opportunities for me. Patience is also something I have acquired while having two younger brothers!

During my time at university, I have done a work placement at LTV (Latvian National Broadcaster) there I worked on 'Supernova' which is Latvian national selection contest for the Eurovision, there I worked as a part of the graphics team.

Currently, I am finishing my studies at Birmingham City University whilst also freelancing as a photographer and working with various clients for different briefs. Earlier this year I also set up my company 'Print Craze' which offers customizable gifts such as t-shirts, mugs etc. We will also work with small businesses and provide them with any workwear or merchandise.

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