Joshua Herrett

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi i'm Josh a third year Media and Communications student at Birmingham City University

I First got interested in wanting to do a job in and around media in 2012 i was just about to finish school and was struggling to find a career path that suited me, was i just going to go to the same college as my mates and study the likes of construction, plumbing , electrician?

the answer was no i wanted to do something that was me something where i could really showcase my skills and put my ideas onto paper rather than in my head

but why media? media for me is a course for me to showcase my ideas to other people no matter how silly they might sound in my head , i could explore a whole new world of technology and learn more about who and what i want to become in the future

i study broad course media so i have a wide range of options to pick from regarding on what i want to do in the future but if i could pick my dream job now it would have to be talking about football or either TV or Radio, the thought of an entire nation packed with football fans tuning in just to hear my views on football and being interested on what i have to say drives my enthusiasm to push on through the hard work at University so i can sit in that studio one day, look around and say to myself, I've made it.

below are a few links to my others platforms for you to take a look a and view.