Jewel Kattri

Media & Communication


Personal statement


I’m Jewel, a soon to be Media and Communications graduate at Birmingham City University. I am a highly motivated, skill-full and authentic communications creative, with a passion for public relations. Throughout the course of my degree; I have developed a breadth of attributes that I believe are necessary to pursue a career within the PR industry; this includes my written, communication and creative skills. For example, I have gained practice in writing press releases, producing blog posts, presenting my work to clients, networking with industry professionals and creating content for social media.

To reinforce the skills I have gained in university, I have secured and completed a number of work placements with PR agencies. These opportunities have enabled me to acquire first-hand experience within the industry. For instance, I have engaged in the planning of campaigns, pitching of ideas, the analysis of any potential crisis communications and general reputation and social media management. All of which strengthened my personal and professional development.

Fusing my desire to work with a non-profit organisation, I have produced campaign proposals for live client briefs with ‘Forest Dog Rescue’ and ‘Variety Children’s Charity’ as part of my PR modules at university. The campaigns aim to raise awareness, increase donations and build a successful online presence. These experiences have allowed me to apply PR theory, conduct primary research and develop the knowledge needed when working closely with charities. Through these examples, I have showcased that I am a hardworking, persistent and dedicated individual. As my time at university comes to end, I am avidly seeking internship opportunities within a non-profit organisation.

Overall, my degree has taught me to expand on my skill set, be prepared to continue learning and to most importantly strive for success, therefore I am eager to put the knowledge and experience I have gained into practice.

Attached above, I have included a link to my online portfolio. This will provide you with examples of my work, my CV and links to my social media platforms.