Jeffrey Akinyemi Johnson

Jeffrey Akinyemi Johnson

Media & Communication


Personal statement

Hi! My name is Jeffrey Akinyemi Johnson, and I'm currently a 3rd year student at Birmingham city university. This is my final year in university, with that being said I am looking forward to the next chapter of my life, which has the potential to be very interesting. I am a very energetic person and I have a lot of passion for whatever I do. I'm efficient, focused and hardworking individual with the drive to achieve tasks given to me with speed and quality. I settle for nothing but the best and I work to achieve more every day.

Throughout my stay in university, I’ve taken up various internships and jobs to help myself learn new things and gain more experience in this field of work. So far, i've had the opportunity to work with
Rhythm93.7fm, Under the Silver bird Group which is a Nigeria based radio station. The experience was great, I learnt a lot and also enjoyed what I did. Acquiring more experiences like this is what I want for myself.

Being a radio show host has always been one of my main ambitions, and i've been able to learn what it takes to be one. My media degree has allowed me to learn and practice different skills to help me be successful. My Editing, Writing, interview, photography and many other skills have improved a lot on the course of completing my degree. I have also had opportunities to practice and express my key skills in professional ways such as having a live radio show in my 2nd year of university.
View my work by heading to my website

Photography is another big interest of mine and some of my work can also be viewed at the website above. This is something I really enjoy to do and once again my degree has allowed me practice this through various photoshoots.

Number: +447597237226